Murillo buildingMabel Ubiria Center

"Edificio Murillo (Centro Mabel Ubiria)

The building will have a ground floor, a first and a second floor, and a basement level. The basement level will exit to the back of the building, taking advantage of a downward slope of the land. The ground floor will be an open space, totally integrated with the garden. The upper levels will have the residential units.

The building will be above all functional, reflecting the premise of the project. The basement, which will be a service area, will have a stone wall, plus a lattice structure ending in a pergola structure opening into the back yard. The ground floor level will be open with large glass windows in aluminum frames, permeable to the surroundings and the garden. In the upper floors the glass is not so predominant, with a pattern of windows and brick wall.

The goal of the project is for the ground floor and basement level to be totally integrated with the garden. The ground floor, accessed from Murillo Street, will have a wide area with a view to the back yard; the basement will open directly into the backyard. A lot of importance is given to the surrounding greenery and the maintenance of the existing trees.

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